Team Central Live!

New Program Announcement – Team Central LIVE!
Introducing Team Central Live! Join our remote classes – Team Central’s bid to continue helping keep your children Happy, Healthy, & Confident while under the “Stay at Home” mandates. 

The live classes are held remotely in the convenience of your living room or backyard and are led by one of our experienced and engaging instructors (maybe even your child’s favorite!). 

We’re offering FREE trial classes from April 27th through May 2nd – with regular classes beginning May 4th. We’re so excited to see everyone again! Follow this link to sign up today! 

Pricing & Policies

2  times @ 30 Minutes—1 hour/week: $45 per month

1.5 – 2 hours/week: $55 per month 

3 – 4 hours/week: $65 per month

5 – 6 hours/week: $75 per month


When a family has multiple children in the same program and same online class- they will only pay for one child no matter how many will take advantage of that class. If the children are in different   programs/classes there will NOT be additional discounts-each child will pay   full rate for their appropriate level. 


Since this is an online program there will be no option for make ups or pro-rating for missed class at this time.